Leekelo Development offers a full range of services for every website or web application need.

Website Design & Development

Building brands is the goal of any website. The website must also be fast, functional, beautiful and drive traffic. Learn how we can help with your project.

Web Applications

Looking for more than just a website? Build a web application to truly engage your visitors or build tools like data visualization or client data collection. Using languages and frameworks like Python, React and NodeJS to make a truly dynamic experience.

Native Mobile & Progressive Web Apps

Needing a native iOS and Android app or wanting to make a new or your current website a PWA? The job will be done professionally and affordably.

SEO/SEM/PPC & Digital Marketing

Drive traffic to your site organically or through Pay Per Click campaigns. With years of experience in enterprise level SEO & SEM, all the available tools will be used to optimize your website to its peak performance.